Experiment In Terror !

Another goodie from Henry Mancini (a true hero to me), this time for the 1962 Blake "Pink Panther" Edwards directed thriller starring Lee Remick, Stefanie Powers and Glenn Ford. Lounge, groovers, big-band jazz and moody atmospheric pieces sit alongside some old time piano numbers and a few orchestral incidental pieces. For one of the most gripping scenes in the picture, a murder sequence, he wrote a hauntingly beautiful melody titled Nancy, featuring piano soloist Jimmy Rowles.
It’s one of my fave soundtrack of all time, but hey, I could mention all the others he did ('course i'm obsessed with them too...) :Border River, Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Creature Walks Among Us, Damn Citizen, Flood Tide, Four Guns To The Border, The Golden Blade, The Great Impostor, It Came From Outer Space, Man Afraid, So This Is Paris, The Thing That Couldn't Die, The Tattered Dress, Touch Of Evil, Veils Of Bagdad, Voice In The Mirror, and Walking My Baby Back Home…and on and on… Get’em all !!!

Henry Mancini - Experiment In terror

Henry Mancini - Experiment In terror Twist

Henry Mancini - Nancy


Brownie said…
Mancini live, conducting a 110 piece orchestra playing his dozen oscar winning compositions was a more exciting experience than rocknroll.

Your new masthead homage to Willie Elder is totally kool.
A curtsey to you from Australia (not Austria)
Reverend Frost said…
Thanx a lot Brownie !

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