706 Union

Guitarist/vocalist Brad Suggs had no less than eight records released on Sun and Phillips International. Only Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Charlie Rich had more singles released on Sam's labels. Yet the name Brad Suggs isn't even mentioned in the index of the standard history of Sun Records, "Good Rockin' Tonight", by Colin Escott and Martin Hawkins.
This single (recorded in 1959) was the first of 5 guitar instrumentals singles that Sam Phillips embarked upon once it was clear that the Bill Justis saxophone-instrumental bubble had burst. Suggs had recorded for Phillips way back in 1950 with the Slim Rhodes Band. Here, he reappeared as house guitarist, 706 Union being a musical celebration of the original Sun studio due for closure around the time this disc was issued. Two excellent slices of instrumental rock 'n'roll, recorded with the usual Sun crew (Roland Janes on guitar, Charlie Rich on piano, Martin Willis on sax and J.M. Van Eaton on drums).

Brad Suggs - 706 Union

Brad Suggs - Low Outside


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