Camel Walk !

From the vaults of horror (Reverends Lp Crypt),I bring you....
Camel Walk...(scream)

This is one of those vital obscuros that really belongs in every instro fan's collection. It epitomizes all that is exotic and tribal in rock and roll, and is the very embodiment of the strip joint runway tune as well. From the bump and grind of the tom toms to the sultry sax and shimmering guitar, the Saxons have hit the genre spot on and made all subsequent songs redundant. Utterly glorious! Juiced up with low-key utterances of "ca-mel meat-o" and "voi-tro pek," this is one tribal seductive monster.
Pakledo! Camelmido! CAMEL WALK!
(Thanx to Reverb Central)

The Saxons - Camel Walk, Part 1

The Saxons - Camel Walk, Part 2


Kathy said…
This is my Step-Dad's band. I will show him this when he gets back from his motorocycle class!! Aged 74 and STILL kicking! Ralph Paillot is his name. ;) I still have his original 45!
Twalls said…
I love this song, from the sultry sax to the foreign-sounding nonsense words. Reminds me of old cartoons about sultans and harems... Celebrate the imagined exotic!

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