What A Way To Die !

Guys, stay calm.
The Detroit garage band the Pleasure Seekers originally comprised sisters Suzi, Patti and Arlene Quatro, the daughters of jazz musician Art Quatro. The group began while the siblings were all still in their teens, quickly transcending novelty status by writing their own material and playing their own instruments; they made their debut in 1966 with the local hit "Never Thought You'd Leave Me," released on the Hideout label.
Around 1969, the Pleasure Seekers rechristened themselves Cradle, a move which also heralded a harder-edged sound; by the early 1970s, however, the trio disbanded, with Suzi going on to fame as a solo performer (as well as co-starring on the hit sitcom Happy Days as the legendary Leather Tuscadero) while Patti joined the California band Fanny.

The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die

The Pleasure Seekers - Never Thought You'd Leave Me


Anonymous said…
impressive. thanks for the education.
i had heard Fanny and obviously Suzi,
but had no clue of the Pleasure Seekers. Thank you kindly.
tokyocrunch said…
Today's sermon: girls rock harder than thou. Excellent.
Anonymous said…
Oh no... "Never Thought You'd Leave Me" has left us already. Could you please repost it? Many thanks!

Chris Oliver said…
Wow, this stuff is incredible! I recognize "What a Way to Die"--I think some band did a cover of it back in the mid-90's, but I don't know who it was. Keep up the good work.
guapo said…
Don`t forget you can buy both tracks on the Norton records comp "Friday Night at the Hideout". It`s a great record!
Reverend Frost said…
Rock on !!!
Tuwa said…
The reverend knocks the ball out the park and saunters around the bases.

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