Warner Mack !

Enough love?
Born 1936 in Nashville, Warner McPherson began his profitable association with Decca, becaming "Mack" thanks to an inattentive secretary.
He wrote his debut single "Is It Wrong (For Loving You)" and scored a Top Ten hit that remained on the country charts for over nine months and crossed over to become a minor pop hit. He later signed with Kapp Records and produced several albums for them. After performing on the Grand Ole Opry, he re-signed to Decca, where "Sittin' in an All Nite Cafe" made it to the Top Five.
Anyway, Warner Mack now records for Bridgewood Music !
Say Hi to Mack !

Warner Mack :
* Rock-A-Chica *
* Too Bashful *


erik hogstrom said…
I love those two songs. Thanks Rev!
You cheered me up on a gloomy evening.
Todd Lucas said…
Ah "Roc-A-Chicka", a favorite. My four year-old son also loves it.
Daisy said…
Thanks for the link ! and I hope to hear good music on your site for a long time !
Reverend Frost said…
Daisy, Todd, thank you amigos! Todd, that's brilliant, it's never too early to fell into the mystic rock'n'roll fever !
Erik ! Why a gloomy evening? Hope alls well !
Todd Lucas said…
I made my young'un a CD with a bunch of my old 45's on it, "Roc-A-Chicka" among them. His favorite is "No Kissin' At The Hop" by Phil Flowers.
Anonymous said…
Warner Mack!

Rev. you are a man of distinguished taste.

I love your mixes too. Got a collection of them in my vehicle. They're are just great for collecting speeding tickets.

Thanks for all your efforts.
Reverend Frost said…
ah Todd, that's sweet !

Well yeah, I've never met anyone who could drive slowly because they played a rev frost bloody mix.
I've played them all once, I drove from France to Japan in 2 hours.

Thank you.

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