Prince La La !

Prince La La born Lawrence Nelson (1936 - 1963) was born into a family rooted in the rich musical tradition of New Orleans. His father, Walter Nelson, was a noted jazz and R&B guitarist who played with R&B pioneer Smiley Lewis. His elder brother, Walter "Papoose" Nelson Jr., played extensively in the 50s and early 60s with Fats Domino and Professor Longhair, and was a featured session guitarist for seminal New Orleans bandlander and producer Dave Bartholomew.
A.F.O.'s publicity photos featured Lawrence in an eccentric yet regal costume drawn from both African and Mardi Gras traditions, and his otherworldly persona deeply impacted up-and-coming New Orleans musician Mac Rebennack, who borrowed much of La La's image in creating his own "Dr. John, the Night Tripper" guise.
Nelson suffering a drug overdose in 1963, he was 27.
It's notable that earlier the previous year, on the 28th February, 1962, Lawrence's brother Papoose died aged 31 in New York, also from a drug overdose !
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Prince La La :
* Things Have Changed *
* Need You *


Anonymous said…
Back in the good old days, I once sold this poster on eBay for $1000.00!
Scurvy said…
Huge fan of the New Orleans music. Love Fess and Mac especially. Always a treat to hear stuff I haven't.
Anonymous said…
ça rigole pas ça

salut Rev'
swiss adam said…
I cam eacross your blog looking for Wayne Walker All I Can Do Is Cry which you posted 2 years ago. Any chance of a re-post? I'd be very grateful.
Anonymous said…
He mais c'est toujours la classe par ici, prince LaLa en boucle pour danser dans mon salon!!!merci!
Reverend Frost said…
La classe, c'est top of the pop :)

Adam, no prob, drop me an email !

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