Wanda Jackson !

Yes !
Grandma Wanda !
Jackson was still in high school when country singer Hank Thompson heard her sing on an Oklahoma City radio show and asked her to record with his band. She dated Elvis Presley, who encouraged her to step away from the country-tinged gospel she had been performing since childhood and try her hand at rock and roll. She developed her own distinctive voice and performed in a variety of styles, from folksy traditional tunes to country twang and high yodels to throaty, suggestive ballads.
Wanda's first records on Decca Records were country records made with Hank Thompson's band, one of which "You Can't Have My Love", a duet with Hank's bandleader, Billy Gray, made the Top 10 on the country charts in 1954. In 1956, she made her solo debut on Capitol Records with "I Gotta Know" which made a one week appearance on the country charts that year. It would be 5 years before she next appeared on the country charts.
Anyway, on 28 October, 2008, Jackson returns to Europe for a one-off appearance at the London Rock 'n' Roll Festival, appearing with Jerry Lee Lewis at the London Forum !

Wanda Jackson :
* Baby Loves Him *
* Funnel Of Love *
* Mean Mean Mean *


Anonymous said…
Testify said…

Wanda's a big favourite at Testify! I've seen her a couple of times here in the UK and she's rocked.
I would urge your readers to lobby the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame to induct this dame ASAP!
Duncanmusic said…
Jeez, Rev, could ya get any hotter? Just look at that woman (I assume from Town Hall TV show...that's gotta be Joe Maphis on guitar doing tha hot break)rock and ROLL those hips. I fell in love with those early LP covers (oh. god, what she made me do to myself!)and then her voice! Hard as a rock and smooth as a river stone. She epitomizes that early spirit of RnR; brazen, ballsy and break-neck.
Anonymous said…
Hey Good Reverend...

Can you post your old Halloween Mixes again. I had
them and somehow lost them. They were my favorite
things to play on Halloween. If you post in time for
the big night, I bet a lot more people would appreciate them as well as myself.


Pierre said…
Are you going good Rev?

I'm a youngin' but I think I may try to make it out to that show to see what it's all about.
BMW said…
Wow! What a voice!
michael said…
I first heard Funnel of Love about 5 years ago and it blew me away. Its a staple when I DJ. And in the midwest US we get a little spoiled by her presence. She come's around the Kansas City area to perform once a year or maybe more from her hometown of Tulsa.
Lex10 said…
I'd hit that......if she were my cuzzin of course

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