A Bloody Love Mix !!!

ALL YOU NEED IS...hum well, a bloody mix?

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Love Mix !

(51 :11)

01. Joe Houston Orchestra - All Night Long
02. The Phantom – Love Me
03. The Victors – Little Girl
04. Sonny Terry & Buster Brown - I Love You Baby
05. Heavy Trash - Crazy Pritty Baby
06. Kris Jensen - Perfect Lover
07. Sammy Myers - My Love Is Here To Stay
08. The Royal Jokers – You Tickle Me Baby
09. Fire Escape - Love Special Delivery
10. The Del-Rios - There's A Love
11. The Raelets - One Room Paradise
12. Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love
13. Eddie Taylor - I Wanna Love You
14. Johnny Angel - Baby It's Love
15. Ole Miss Down Beats – Geraldine
16. Ronnie Hawkins And The Hawks – Clara
17. Bernie Hardison – Love Me Baby
18. Ric Cartey - Born To Love One Woman
19. Johnny Watson - I Say I Love You
20. The Blues Busters- How Sweet It Is (To Be In Love)
21. Slim Whitman - Indian Love Call

DOWNLOAD THE LOVE MIX ! (via rapidshare)

I'm really really sorry by the way, yep this one's via rapidshare, something's wrong with my bandwith this month, I'll try to fix it asap !

Dedicated to Miss F., to all the lovers in the world, to red wine & the Volvo assembly lines of Hising Island, Sweden.

Pray Oshun !


maudkristina said…
Reverend, you are the bestest. THE BESTEST!! THANK YOU!
Anne said…
Aww, Reverend...
A whole lotta Larsson lurve straight back to you and yours!
Daisy said…
thanks for all the music ! I really love the last song, Indian love call, with the nice falsetto. I posted other Slim Whitman songs on my blog.
Daisy said…
Ooops, I thought there would be a link to my blog , but no, so here it is: http://mademoisellemontana.wordpress.com/
Nicolas said…
can you help get a hold of that version of Funnel of Love? all I can find are updated versions or covers. i love it!
mt said…
Wonderful! Thanks!
I love you, man!!!
Lill Larsson said…
And on behalf of all the car-building blue-collar-workers, a huge thank you, maestro!
You make the hours seem less like days and more like minutes. YES.
Anonymous said…
Love ya Rev!

These mixes are my life.
buzz said…
Another bloody good mix! So great to have you back!
GMaupin said…
Love these mixes. How does he do it? Volume.

Any chance you could see it in your heart to repost The Tempos' version of "See You In September?" As a special favor to a total stranger/ fellow evildoer? The damn thing is hard to find.
Quartz said…
Boy, am I ever glad I found this website!
Reverend Frost said…
What can I say but :
"Hum, I love you too"

Fellows, I'm working on a third (or fourth) tales from the archives/requests, so don't worry, I won't forget you !
Boaby Digital said…
Hi Rev, one final request before you disappear into the night, any chance of reigniting the link for this one? Need it to complete my love mix collection.

Reverend Frost said…
It's back from the grave, my dear friend !
Boaby Digital said…
Thank you most sincerely kind Reverend. I send you much love on behalf of your unholy audience.
Reverend Frost said…
backatcha !

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