Hava Nagila !

Hey folks, some shameless promotion again !

Speaking of Dick Dale/Meshugga Beach Party/and a thousand different covers, here's my humble contribution to Hava Nagila !
I had so much fun recording the track (in 20 minutes), I'm just not sure the neighbours enjoyed it as much as I did.
Thanks to that fine bottle of Bordeaux by the way.

Oh go on, play it loud, dance naked in your living room, dowload it and spread the good word hahaha !

ENJOY !!!!

Rev. Tom Frost :
* Hava Nagila ! *

Thanx Guillaume !

See you on thursday for a bloody....love mix !


Anonymous said…
YEAH REV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maudkristina said…
and hooray for another mix, can't wait for Thursday!
sue said…
boy, this is some real kick in the nuts. brilliant.
How does it fell, revered reverend, to kick so much ass? Verily, we worship thee.
Anonymous said…
Mazel Tov Reverend!!
Ani ohevet otkha ! Miss F.
John K. said…
Anonymous said…
Keep on Rockin' Rev!

I can't wait for the next Bloody Mix!
Anne said…
Reverend, you rule the waves of Hava Nagila and Dixie! Truly!
...and tomorrow is Thursday, yes!
Scurvy said…
Blessed Reverend-
Truly that fucking rocked. Shalom.
Reverend Frost said…
Thanks !!!!

Hava Nagila+Dixie+John The Revelator are available on myspace btw !

Love you folks !
I am a few days behind in saying Gawd Damn boy, that's some Extra Hot Sheeit!! Hava Another Nagila & I'll join you!! Freakin Cheers!!
mrtickles said…
Great God, missed this while on vacation, good thing I scrolled down!
Reverend Frost said…
Yep, as an ex-boss always said, it's always good to scroll down.
Don't know what happened to him though.

Thank you.

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