Tales From The Archives, Part 3 !

Yes me dears, as promised, here's a little lost-&-found post from the depths of this very blog !
I tried to get all the requests from the comments, emails and by pigeon, and if I forgot any request, please don't stone me to death.
Well, that's a fine playlist !
Have a good week and thanx again !

B. Bumble And The Stingers :
* The Green Hornet Theme *

Wayne Walker :
* All I Can Do Is Cry *

Papa George Lightfoot :
* When The Saints Go Marchin' In *

Hot Lips Page & His Orchestra :
* Jungle King *

Johnny Western :
* Cowpoke *

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson :
* Gettin' Drunk *

Jess Hooper With The Daydreamers :
* All Messed Up *

Sister Rosetta Tharpe :
* Two Little Fishes And Fives Loaves of Bread *

Little Richard :
* Hurry Sundown *

The Tempos :
* See You In September *

Rev Frost says 'Rev it up and ouch'


Sample Vinyl said…
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Anonymous said…
sue said…
wooooooooo all i can do is cry is a masterpiece.
Scurvy said…
Crap! I had a couple of unes I was hoping I could get a repost of...

guess I wait till next summer. :(

How was Tom Waits?
Reverend Frost said…
Which songs bud?

Tom Waits !
Scurvy said…
"Ito Eats" and "Abba Dabba Doo Dance"

I know they were technically not posted, but were part of bloody mixes instead, but I'd love to have the individual songs. Tom looks like he put on a great show! I would love to see him someday.
Anonymous said…
well done sir, thanks for sister rosetta
swiss adam said…
All I Can Do Is ...say thank you very much
No Bullshit, Man! You have the best taste in music! Period! Walkin' down a lonely street in Anchorage, Alaska, circa 1970, and hearin' the Gospel six blocks down the street, the voices of the Angels still get down to this day!!
GMaupin said…
Thanks a heap for the Tempos track - it completed the delicate recreation of a battered old multi-record set lost to the ravages of time (the Adam VIII "Greatest Rock & Roll Classics of All Time," probably as seen on TV!). Cheers!

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