A Bloody Love Mix, Part 3 !


hey brothers & sistas, it's not too late, we're never too late, so the bad ol' Rev wishes you hap-hap-happy bloody new apocalypse year !!!
The end of the world ! Woof ! 'Twas about time !

Ok, in other words, in times of crises like this, and like they were saying in Pompeii, 'all you need is lava'. Enough morosity, hooray for love and depression !
Is there someone in the room who refuse 54 minutes of honest and wild love? Hum? No one? I was sure of that. So, my dear faithful friends, grab this one, play it loud as always, give 'em low kicks, give 'em a real hard time (I'm talking 'bout the moroners here of course), and as Jesus said 'Are you gonna love all each other, you idiots'
YEEEEEEHA, it's a blooooody love mix, part 3 !

Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Love Mix, Part 3 ! (54:46)
01. John Buck & The Blazers - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
02. Bobby Freeman - Speedo (The Monkey Man)
03. Dorsey Burnette - Green Side Of The Mountain
04. Donnie & Ronnie - Pure Love
05. The Del-Vikings - I Hear Bells
06. Don Johnston - Born To Love One Woman
07. Marvin Rainwater - Down In The Cellar
08. Piano Red - Wild Fire
09. B.B. King - I'm Gonna Sit In 'til You Give In
10. Ann Cole - Brand New Hearts
11. The Valentinos - Lookin' For A Love
12. Soul Brothers Six - Some Kind Of Wonderful
13. The Duetts - My Love's A Monster
14. The Highway Q.C.'s - Do You Love Him
15. Del Shannon - Thunder and Lightning
16. Tom Reeves - Primitive Love
17. Jimmy Kirkland - Bang Bang Lulu
18. Lord Creator - Big Bamboo
19. Johnny Burnette - Touch Me
20. Sanford Clark - Love Charms
21. Eddie Cochran - Teenage Cutie
22. The Four Dreamers - Chariot (I Will Follow Him)
23. Eric Burdon & The Animals - Ring Of Fire


(and this one goes to MPP, the sweetest dearest wildest thing)


mike said…
can't wait to listen !
3 burnette songs, you can't change a good rev :-)
Reverend Frost said…
My love's a monster, Mikey !
Sue said…
greaaaaaat job there again ma dear
Anonymous said…

\Dortmund Stefan\
Anonymous said…
fantastic selection, master!
Reverend Frost said…
YEEEEHA ! It's all about Lava ! Thanx !
Anne said…
Thank ye Rev. Lava-Lava!!
Reverend Frost said…
Yay sister !
I'm a lava, not a fighter !
Alvaro said…
Loado seas,Reverendo. Gracias so much
My Soul, My Inspiration, My Righteous Brother, Lava is a burning thing, but habaneros leave a fiery ring!
Reverend Frost said…
Hola Hermanos !
Why do fools always fall in lava !
Anonymous said…
Rev, I bloody loved it!!
billyclex said…
Hey Rev,

Keep up the good work. love looking in to see if there is a new post
Reverend Frost said…
Lava to you dear brothers !
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