The Routers !

Woohoo ! Let’s Go ! Cheerleaders, Go !
(That's an ancient and obscure ritual to bring cheerleaders straight to your home, just trying sorry...)
Formed in 1962 by Mike Gordon, the Routers recordings were made primarily by session musicians rather than an actual group with the exception of Gordon. The Routers first release in September 1962 was "Let's Go !". Its infectious “clap clap clap-clap-clap clap-clap-clap-clap Let's Go! " chant became a favorite of cheerleaders and crowds worldwide (I mean, even when I walk in the streets of Paris, people always shout that at me).
The recording was instigated by record producer Joe Saraceno and his producing and songwriting partner Mike Gordon. Like many pop instrumentals recorded in Los Angeles, California at this time, such as those by B. Bumble and the Stingers, it involved Mike Gordon, (guitar), Plas Johnson (saxophone) and Earl Palmer (drums), probably with Plas’ brother Ray Johnson on bass guitar.
Later Routers recordings, which continued to be issued up to 1964 but with less commercial success, involved Mike Gordon, (guitar), Leon Russell (piano) and Hal Blaine (drums). The following album, ‘Charge !’ is extremely brilliant and funny - his spirited release features a dozen modernized rocking instrumental interpretations of college fight songs as well a few equally peppy originals. hese new souped-up readings are the antithesis of the old staid Sousa-influenced marching band arrangements and feature wailing guitar solos and hot-steppin' bongo beats in place of the traditional tuba, piccolo, and bombastic bass drum.
Interestingly, many of these mod interpretations continue to show up in TV adverts and as musical beds for sports announcers !

The Routers :
* Let's Go (Pony) *
* On Brave Old Army Team *
* Sou'Wester *


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