Seasons Rockin' Greetings !!!

Howdy Hooo Hoo Hooooo !!!!

Hello folks, Rev. Frosty the fatman here !

A quick word to y'all to wish you a merry merry Christmas, seasons greetings, you know, the whole thing.
Yup, Frosty is still alive, sorry for the lack of posts or answers to emails, but don't worry, Santa is surfing to town this year again !

Ok, all the Christmas Bloody Mixes are uploaded in the archives (December 2005/2006) via rapidshare, enjoy them a lot !

I'll try to be back on tracks on this very blog next year (Santa please, bring me a new guitar, a flat, all my stuff & lots of expensive red wine)

I do hope you're all ok brohers & sis', good will to all mankind and peace on earth (just kidding).

Kiss Hugh Hugh Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

See you soon my dear friends !!!!

Ho Ho Ho !

Boris Karloff :
* How The Grinch Stole Christmas ! *

Vampira !
Betty Page !
Bo Diddley !
Jody Reynolds !
Jimmy Ford !
Jo Stafford !
Odetta !
Forrest J Ackerman !
My Liver !


Scurvy said…
Seasons Greeting to you Reverend!
Anonymous said…
hey you're back!
cool, seasons greeting to you too rev'
à l'année prochaine et encore merci!
Anonymous said…
I raise a very heavy and filled-to-the-brim-glass to you, Sir.

All the right chords,

M :)
Anonymous said…
I'm old enough to have watched "The Grinch" the first time it appeared on tv, and I've always admired this narration. Hearing it here without the accompanying animation convinces me that this is a RADIO script, adapted for tv. Thank you for this gift, and merry Christmas to you!
Anonymous said…
The best of the season Rev.
Hurry back soon. You've been missed.

Brian K Reese said…
Sweet Jesus! You're back, kind of....come back to us for good...we miss you mightily.

And Happy Holidays to you and Mrs. Frost.
Anonymous said…

Great to see your still around and ready to post. we've missed you.
Holiday greetings to you and have a great 2009
Anonymous said…
I didn't know Jo Stafford passed away this year. Of all the big band singers who were dames, she was my fave.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Reverend. Big rock Candy Mt. told me to tell you to "get your ass in gear" and get back to us. I'm just the messenger. :D Season's Greetings and Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
More like Frosty the HITman, what with your kiss kiss bang bangin' and always blowin' us all away!

A very merry Christmas to you and your loved ones sir. Sorry I'm so hit and miss lately. I'll make it my new years resolution to show more gratitude. You're still my favorite DJ though. No bones about that one. That last mix was ALL KILLER. I loved the movie dialogue with so many of my favorite madmen segueing together Sinatra and Paul Evans! You're my brutha to anutha mutha, Rev.

See ya in the funny pages!
Anne said…
Dearest generous Rev.

Hoping you'll find ALL and more them whishes wrapped up in under the Christmas tree. Have an awesome holiday and hope you're coming back with a rockin' vengance next year!
Let's see if we can still make it thru this year first, then we'll talk about next year!
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas Reverend!
Et un joyeux Noël également pour toutes tes ouailles, de France et d'ailleurs. En attendant des nouveaux mix qui tuent voici de quoi de quoi se reposer les yeux (sans visage évidement) devant le sapin en flamme :

Encore merci pour le son.

Senor Tuco

PSSS : merci d'avoir mis mon blog ("Par Amour du Guingois" - ex "Pour une poignée de Crobards") dans les liens. Thanks! C'est un honneur!
erik hogstrom said…
Happy Christmas Rev! It is good to hear from you again!
Anonymous said…
Bonnes vacances, bonnes fêtes et toute cette sorte de chose..

Mais plus important, si tu connais pas les "shreds" sur youtube, faut absolument voir ça, tu vas à coup sûr mourir de rire... j'ai répertorié les meilleurs à la fin de cet article :

Les "misheard lyrics", y a du bon et du moins bon, ça reste très "potache" (mais parfois très drôle)... alors que les shreds sont carrément hilarants... ne loupe surtout pas ceux sur Zappa, Clapton, Maiden et Steve Vai...

A plus !
Anonymous said…
Bonne année, Révérend, à toi et à tous tes fidèles!
En 2009, things will go their way
- Peter Fischli, David Weiss, 'The way things go', 1987 [extrait] -

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