Halloweeeeeeen !!! (Part 7)

"And on a dark, cold night
Under full monlight
He flies into a fog
Like a vulture in the sky
And they call him Reverend Froooooooost."

Taken From The Nightmare Before Frosty

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix Part 7 ! (34 :15)

1. Intro
2. The Cramps – No Club Lone Wolf
3. The Symbols - Do The Zombie
4. Eddie L. Davis - Teenage Brain Surgeon
5. Satan's Pilgrims – Peter Lorre
6. Bobby Please - The Monster
7. George Barnes – Spooky
8. Ben Vaughn - P-S-Y-C-H-O
9. Bert Convy - The Monsters Hop
10. The One Way Street – Jack The Ripper
11. The Robins – Zombie
12. Jim Burgett - Jekyll And Hyde
13. The Neanderthals - 2000 Pound Werewolf
14. Bobby Boris Pickett - Monster Mash Party
15. Outro

DOWNLOAD THE MONSTER ! (via rapidshare)


Anonymous said…
good good good!!
Absolutely wicked!! Lovin' it - thanks for all the hard work!!
Anonymous said…
fantastic work rev'
Anonymous said…
these are excellent. you're the dude.
The DoorKeeper said…
Hey Broadband is wonderful - I get the Bloody Mixes now!! Whoo!

Nice work, Reverend.
Reverend Frost said…
a bloody thank you
Anonymous said…
The creepy sounds ooze from my cheap computer speakers causing shrieks of delight! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Tom, Obviously it's working for other people but today, Wednesday, when I click on the link, it goes to rapidshare & says 'file not found' You know I'm computer illiterate, but I don't think it's me! You don't have to post this comment! Later Bud,

Anonymous said…
Rapidshare seems to not be working----big surprise there. Thanks anyway for the link.

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