A Bloody Come Back Mix, Part 2 !

Tada, I’m baaaaaaaaaack.

Sorry for this long August hiatus !

Well, I hope everyone’s fine.

Ok, here’s the summer review : did a few gigs, drank a few beers, slept a lot (during the day), went to some fantastic places, swimmed a lot, didn’t lose weight, bought some news maracas, drank a few beers, didn’t stop smocking, missed the Cramps 3 times, bought an Irish tin whistle, recorded 41 new songs, gonna work on an animation film, drank a few beers, blah blah blah…

The thing is : It’s good to be back home.
And it’s good to be the king (count de monet ?)

So here’s a bloody come-back mix (part 2) .
(It’s gonna be the last mix before the long awaited Halloween Mixes by the way ! )

Welcome home guys !

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Come-Back Mix, Part 2 ! (41 :36)
Tracklist :
1. Garry Blake And His Orchestra - Look Out Now
2. Bobby Montgomery & Buddy Holly – Down The Line
3. Little Dady And The Bachelors – Come On Home
4. The Headcoatees – I Gotta Move
5. Little Ritchie Ray - Hump-A-Baby (Hey Shane !)
6. Them - Bring 'Em On In
7. The Roemen – Misirlou
8. Rosemary Clooney – Come On-a My House
9. Emmet Lord – Women
10. Bobby Long & His Satellites - Mojo Workout
11. The Tamrons – Wild Man
12. Jim Oertling - Old Moss’ Back
13. Damal & Rasheed - Twistin In The Tub
14. Eddie Cochran - Skinny Jim
15. The Esquires - Come On Come On
16. J.J. Jackson - Here We Go Again
17. Nina Simone - I'm Going Back Home

A Bloody Come Back Mix, Part 2 ! (via Rapidshare)



Anonymous said…
belle brochette & beau retour mon rev'
mrdantefontana said…
Welcome back King!

"missed the Cramps 3 times".
hm. Bummer. Not good. They still rocked I tell you!

"drank a few beers" - "recorded 41 new songs".
That's better news. Creativity and booze. Nice combination.

Anonymous said…
bought some news maracas, recorded 41 new songs,

Go(o)d news

Bon retour révérend
Anonymous said…
Many happy returns. Great to have ya back!!!
Anonymous said…
41 new songs!?! You are the fucking man Frost!!! Glad to hear you had a good hiatus, and I hope to lay eyes on the that animation at some point. ;)
Sorry to hear about you missing the Cramps. I'm sure Lux and Ivy would have loved the company. Once again, thanks for the mix.

Tuwa said…
Welcome back, Rev. That's great news about the new music.
Anonymous said…
This is your best mix yet; it was worth the wait.

Hey, whenever I play Holly Golightly my wife leaves the room and says "that chick can't sing!" She says the same thing about June Carter. What should I do?
jenny page said…
we do com on-a my house in my band... welcome back! i linked to you, & mebbe you'll to me! greetings from bakersfield ca... duskdevils.blogspot.com ... & thanks for all the best music links! jenny angel, dusk devils
Reverend Frost said…
Thanks goodfellas !!!

#Mrtickles : play 'Moskau' on repeat for one entire day, and I'm sure she'll change her mind.
#Sebastian : I've checked the links you'd put on pcl. ah damn.
#Jenny : thanks ! but wait a minute, I know an old demon in Bakersfield...DARRELL ! DARRELL !
hum sorry, thanks for the link !
thehorror said…
Loved the mix. Real good stuff.
Anonymous said…
Strong "Come Back", welcome back and thanks!
Anonymous said…
Alors ça c'est drôle, parce que j'ai fini l'année dernière par une émission spéciale retour :

Il faudra un jour mettre nos forces en commun, vous les années 50 et nous les années 60, pour nous donner une bonne raison de ne pas quitter la France.
Reverend Frost said…
xdblah, vaughn, thanks !
Cher Jean Pop 2 , merveilleuse idée !!!

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