Akira Ifukube !

The Godzilla theme composer Akira Ifukube died last Wednesday night in Tokyo of multiple organ failure. He was 91.
Ifukube, best known for his music for Godzilla (1954), was self-taught in music composition and wrote screen music from the 1950s. His more than 300 works include 'Gembaku no ko' (Children of Hiroshima) in 1952 and Daimajin series starting in 1966.
Ifukube received a Person of Cultural Merit, one of Japan's highest honours in 2003.

Here’s an incomplete but good discography.

Akira Ikufube - The Toho Mark Main Title
(From Destroy All Monsters)
Akira Ikufube - Mountaineers Hut At Shirane
(From Frankenstein Conquers The World)
Akira Ikufube - The Mystery of Planet X
(From Monster Zero)
Akira Ikufube - Ending
(From Godzilla)


Anonymous said…
thanks for these. so many interesting, creative people out there. too bad the $$$ only goes for hype nowadaze........
Anonymous said…
Mosura ya' Mosuraaaaaaaaaaa...

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