Mule Skinner Blues !

« what in the name of jehosephat are you listening to?? »

The Fendermen resurrected an old song from the 30's and put their only top forty record on the chart in 1960. It was huge, and the duo returned to anonymity as one of the great one-hit wonder acts.
The Fendermen basically comprised Phil Humphrey on vocals and rhythm guitar and Jim Sundquist on lead guitar. The story is that both Phil and Jim had his own band in the late fifties and each played a Fender guitar.
They combined the bands when they met up at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They revived the blue yodel sound and recorded a boisterous, somewhat disorderly version of Rodgers' Mule Skinner Blues. Originally released on the Cuca label in 1959, by the following year there was another release on Soma and it started climbing the charts in June of 1960, finally landing at number five.
Mule Skinner Blues proved to be the one and only contribution to the top forty by the Fendermen, and is regarded as an early version of garage band music.
And it’s a perfect Easter present.

The Fendermen - MuleSkinner Blues

The Fendermen - Torture


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