June Carter !

Valerie June Carter was born June 23, 1929, in Maces Springs, Va., the second of the three daughters of Mother Maybelle Carter of the legendary Carter Family. Her mother taught her to play autoharp (and later guitar) and in 1939, she and sisters Anita and Helen Carter were appearing on Border Radio as members of the Carter Family. When the original Carter Family retired in 1943, she sang and played rhythm guitar in the family group, Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters, on various radio stations. From 1950 onwards, for many years, they were regulars on the Grand Ole Opry.
Hell, for the rest, go watch ‘Walk The Line’. Or read.

June Carter - Juke Box Blues
June Carter And Carl Smith - Time's A Wastin'
June Carter - The Heel

See you tomorrow for yer weekend bonus !


G.T. said…
Lord ! What's happening to June ? On the backside of the picture, is it Johnny "I've killed a giant snake in Reno" ?

Sorry... I've no excuse, I'm not even drunk.

William (or Willy if you want, but not the big one or the big one II... don't know if it's clear...)
Tuwa said…
Dear Rev,



Reverend Frost said…
Dear save Willy, I have the movie on vhs if you want...
(Guillaume, fais gaffe, l'humour n'est plus de mise dans ce pays)
Tuwa, thank YOU.
Cyber mollah Hacene said…
invalid path

C'est nul!! rien a télécharger
ce pays se casse la gueule!!
c'est de pire en pire.
rien n'est en francais.
A bientot a carrouf révérend.
(le révérend frost avec son ptit panier a carrouf...c'est carrement minable...non?!!)
Reverend Frost said…
Cyber mollah Hacene, je t'aime aussi.
Carrouf = Dawn of the dead.
These June Carters are nice...on a similar C/W tip, we have 51 (FIFTY-ONE!) mostly country/western/gospel-y free mp3 tracks available at HPS...our "tribute" to Easter and JC

Some are quite "off the map" - though most stick close to well-trodden sonic paths

The Houseplant Picture Studio 5th Annual Internet Musical Easter Tribute to Jesus Christ
Reverend Frost said…
Yeeeha !
Anonymous said…
Love it! PLEASE fix the link to the song Time's a wastin' - cos I love that song and NEED to listen to it!!!

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