Lordy Hoody !

Rockabilly artist Tommy Blake, like so many before him, started his career as a straight-ahead country singer before making the switch to the big beat. Born and raised in Shreveport, LA, Blake (born Thomas Givens) was already working in a teenage combo playing country music at station KTBS in the early '50s. After a one-off session for RCA Victor, yielding a track called "All Night Long," Blake met Sam Phillips and re-recorded the same tune for Sun as "Lordy Hoody." By March of 1958, Blake was back at 706 Union recording more material, with another single seeing release and the rest finding its way into rockabilly history via reissues in the 1970s and '80s. For the record, he was killed by his wife in a domestic dispute over the Christmas holidays in 1985.

Tommy Blake & The Rhythm Rebels - All Night Long

Tommy Blake & The Rhythm Rebels - Honky Tonk Mind

Ps: Does anyone know where the hell is Mr Barf?


guapo said…
I`ve started a new blog which is gonna have more mod/beat/60`s girl group type stuff. And it looks very different. I always felt the other blog looked too much like yours. And the content was similar too. Anyway I`ll start posting properly in a day or two and here`s the address:
I kid you not!
Reverend Frost said…
Good !
errr, did you see what happened to mrbarf.blogspot.com? :)
guapo said…
Now that`s weird!
Tuwa said…
Did you delete your old journal? I'm curious if Blogger offers up the old URL for new accounts, rather than retiring it permanently. I've seen that kind of thing before too, where something I used to read is now all pr0n.
guapo said…
It seems if you delete your blog it gets re-animated to sell porn!

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