Thursday, September 22, 2005

Guitar Slim !

No 1950s blues guitarist even came close to equalling the flamboyant Guitar Slim in the showmanship department. Armed with an estimated 350 feet of cord between his axe and his amp, Slim would confidently stride onstage wearing a garishly hued suit of red, blue, or green -- with his hair usually dyed to match!
It's rare to find a blues guitarist hailing from Texas or Louisiana who doesn't cite Slim as one of his principal influences; Buddy Guy, Earl King, Guitar Shorty, Albert Collins, Chick Willis, and plenty more have enthusiastically testified to Slim's enduring sway.
Born Eddie Jones in Mississippi, Slim didn't have long to make such an indelible impression. He turned up in New Orleans in 1950, influenced by the atomic guitar energy of Gatemouth Brown. With the emergence of the stunning "The Things That I Used to Do" on Art Rupe's Specialty logo, Slim's star rocketed to blazing ascendancy nationwide. Combining a swampy ambience with a churchy arrangement, the New Orleans-cut track was a monster hit, pacing the R&B charts for an amazing 14 weeks in 1954. Excessive drinking and life in the fast lane took its inevitable toll over the years, and he died in 1959 at age 32.

Guitar Slim - Well, I Done Got Over It

Guitar Slim - The Things That I Used To Do


Blogger guapo said...


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Blogger Fire of lovE said...

Lyrics from Eddie Jones and his Playboys New Arrival (1951)

I´m a new arrival and they call me Guitar Slim

If I dont suit my baby, there aint nobody else that will

I like my pocket full of money, my whiskey, gin and wine

I like to eat a country dinner and I like my loving all in time

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Blogger McBoozo the Clown said...

Another classic post from the Rev!

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Blogger Tuwa said...

I'm going south of hell just so I can look through the Reverend's LPs.

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Blogger Reverend Frost said...

It's nice and warm in here !

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