The Limp / The Chain !

Ok everybody, this is a Pulverizing 1964 Northwest rippers featuring pre-Moby Grape Jerry Miller, and these real 2 killer tracks were recorded by Sonics pilot Kearney Barton! Enjoy !

Incredible Kings - The Limp

Incredible Kings - The Chain


Jim Stark said…
The Incredible Kings...always Incredible...wish they had recorded more tunes...they are pure sleaze pleasure!
Tuwa said…
Oh, but I love it. Greasy, sweaty, dirty fun.

I still have not seen Burn Witch, Burn, though it's been on my list of films to see for years (it was recommended in Stephen King's Danse Macabre).
Reverend Frost said…
Yup, they were absolutely brilliant (and I've shouldn't read danse macabre (Saint Saens?) when I was 10 :)

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