Monday, June 27, 2005

Sonny Burgess !

Sonny Burgess has been through the music evolution and the revolution. His music spans five decades of air play, concerts, dance parties, and radio shows ! An original Sun recording artist, he and fellow band members put on a rock and roll show that was so full of energy that it became legend (The Pacers were Sonny Burgess' first band). Their 50's releases made the youngsters wanna dance and their parents have appoplexy. There was gyrating, stage sliding, and acrobatics. They would build a human pyramid in the middle of the dance floor climbing on top of each other and continuing to play all the while.
With his red-dyed hair, matching stage suit and guitar, and wild stage performances, Burgess and the Pacers made mincemeat of the competition on many of the early-'50s rock & roll package tours.
Though his Sun releases never brought him much in the way of commercial success, his recordings nonetheless remain landmarks of the early rockabilly style.
Wild !

Sonny Burgess & The Pacers - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It

Sonny Burgess & The Pacers - Red Headed Woman

Sonny Burgess & The Pacers - Watcha Gonna Do


Anonymous correspondent said...

Can you please please repost the Jackie Morningstar songs? I can't believe I missed 'em! Also, I'd really like to get that Mummy song by Frankie Stein. Thanks so much.

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Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Friday !

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