Stranded In The Jungle

The Jacks/Cadets came together as a gospel group in 1947, and by the time they were signed to Modern in 1955. They were versatile in R&B, jump tunes, ballads, calypso songs, and recorded some of the greatest early rock & roll songs ever, including "Stranded in the Jungle" (released in June of 1956, and charting at number four R&B/number 15 pop). Mostly, though, the Jacks are remembered for recording under two names simultaneously: as the Jacks (for Modern) and the Cadets (for RPM) (The Jacks as a ballad harmony group utilizing the writing talents of Aaron Collins and the Cadets as an up-tempo and novelty song quintet who mostly covered other acts' material).

The Jacks-Cadets - Stranded In The Jungle

The Jacks-Cadets - Love Bandit


I've been looking for that "stranded in the jungle" track for awhile...thank you. All praise and worship to the good Rev.
Reverend Frost said…
Can I get a hallelujah !!!
Kat said…
These definitely deserve several Halleujahs!!
Tom G. said…
Love Bandit rules. If you ever repost, PLEASE let me know.

Hope all is well!


Tom G

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