Out Of Limits

Michael Z. Gordon formed the Marketts in 1961 and went into the studio in 1964 with an idea for a song based on the "Twilight Zone" theme. The Marketts recorded their first national hit song, "Out Of Limits", which went to #1 in the country in Cash Box magazine (don’t ask me where I found it please) and earned him his first BMI award for instrumental of the year. The Marketts had one more chart record, the well-known "Batman Theme" from the movie and appeared in several motion pictures and television shows.

The Marketts - Out Of Limits

The Marketts - Vanishing Point



Just thought you'd like to know that you posted the wrong photo of the Marketts. The photo you posted was a "wannabe" group that went out as the Mar-kets in early months after Surfer's Stomp was released. If you would like an actual photo of the Marketts, you can either go to:




Or you can email me for pics at Americana_Films@yahoo.com

Keep up the good work!

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