The Mighty Hannibal !

Hey fellow readers !
We're not gonna talk 'bout Bob in Twin Peaks, but we’re talking today ‘bout the career of James Shaw, who recorded for a wide range of labels as Jimmy Shaw, Hannibal, The Mighty Hannibal and King Hannibal.
No matter what name he used, though, or what label he appeared on, there was one consistent thread running through all of his music. Hannibal was one sensational soul singer.
Born James Shaw he started singing doo wop as an Atlanta teenager, and eventually released a string of moderately successful (and generally highly praised) singles for a variety of independent labels. But it was the prophetic Shurfine hit "Hymn No. 5," a sobering gospel-blues about a black soldier writing home from Vietnam, that Hannibal will perhaps be best known for. Released in 1966, the tune beat the white hippie acts to the punch by at least a year in its anti-war consciousness. But by now, however, Hannibal had developed a serious heroin habit and was spending more time as a pimp than a performer !
The real deal folks !!!

The Mighty Hannibal :
* Motha Goose Breaks Loose *
* Hymn No. 5 *
* My Name Is Hannibal *


Duncanmusic said…
I was just a mere lad when my grandparents sent up a box of 45s they bought cheap at Florida cheap mart DEL WEBBs. They were all promos that I played over and over and one of them was "My Name is Hannibal". My brother and I got such a kick out of the intro (which is the Mighty Hannibal introducing himself just like in the title) You gotta here this if you have not and wonder what a 'innocent' young boy made of this "jungle" music! I was amazed fifteen years later to be finding other 45s here and there as I dipped into serious used recod collecting and even more amazedthgirty to forty years later to discover HOW collectable all those 45s were. Wish I still had THIS one!
Anonymous said…
thank you thank you!
Anonymous said…
toujours autant la classe le révérend!

Bwca Brownie said…
1966 has been depicted joyously in The Boat That Rocked.
I just loved it.

Thanks dear Rev, for this intro to an artist new to me. Doo wop, shooby doo wop.
Anonymous said…


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