A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part 3 !

Shake Shake Shake !
Ok, I was supposed to play some records on a lusty party last weekend, but instead, I was stuck at home with the flu (no, not the pig one).
Ah, what the heck, now the whole wide world can hear the mix I've cooked, and dance in your living room/car/bike/choose.
Well, enjoy this mean motherfuyer !

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part 3 !
(61 :39)
via rapidshare
01. Intro / The Phantom Surfers – Istanbul
02. Baby Al & The Capps - Grab Your Partner And Do Your Own Thing
03. Elvis Presley - Never Say Yes
04. Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - Sock It To 'Em J.B. (Part I)
05. Baby Washington & The Hearts - Been A Long Time Baby
06. The Playmates - Beep Beep
07. Randy & The Radiants - My Way Of Thinking
08. Ervin Rucker and The Blues Nighthawks Orchestra - Done Done the Slop
09. Carlo Montez - Theme From Danger In Go Go Boots
10. Wilson Pickett - Baby Call On Me
11. Eddie & The Showmen - Mr. Rebel
12. The Chips - Rubber Biscuit
13. Gunga Din – Crabcakes
14. The X-Cellents - Hang It Up
15. Ray Knight And The Arabian Knights - Chatanooga Walk
16. The Night Hawks - Chicken Grabber
17. Sinner Strong - Don't Knock It
18. The Volcanoes - Oh Oh Mojo
19. The Four Sounds - Mama Ubangi Bangi
20. Elvis Presley - We're Coming In Loaded
21. Prince Buster - Dance Cleopatra
22. Buddy Mc Knight - Everytime (Part 1)
23. Preston Love & Orchestra - Ali Baba's Boogie
24. Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra – Malaguena
25. Outro / Orchester Lou Castell - Mini Skirt


Now, dance Dino !

(thanx for the pic Darrell)

(and (as always), thanx for the support emails, it's good to be back among you folks)
(and and and, no post for a week or two, I'm off to record some new tracks, hooray !)


Anonymous said…
Thanxs Rev !
Anonymous said…
Thanks alot for your great mixes.. I listened to nearly all of them, and i am still getting excited when you endow us with a new one!
Pierre said…
Amazing stuff, yet again!

Man I wish there was somewhere I can get all the old mixes.

Much love Rev!
Reverend Frost said…
Thanx, always a pleasure !

Pierre, all the old ones are available again in the archives (if I did the right job) !
sue said…
(means : perfect job once more)
nailbox said…

thanks rev'!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic!!! Looks like v2 is still not available on rapidshare, though :(
Reverend Frost said…
corrrrect !
It's up again via rapidshare !
Thanks !
Anonymous said…
woof woof

great stuff

al la carte as always

be listening to it at 02.00 am
fine dining tonight

Reverend Frost said…
Oï Mike ! Good to see you back too !
Woof Woof
Thanx for the nod, but I think I owe you more than that! Oh, and Thanx for "Raindrops" one of my favorite songs of all time! I don't even think I had a copy, but I know it so well, all I have to do is close my eyes to listen!
Reverend Frost said…
I mean, you're welcome, hope alls well !
Shane said…
Another WHOOPASS mix, Rev.! I'm all over it like a wet t-shirt!
Anne said…
Reverend you rule, rule, rule!
Reverend Frost said…
I'm buttshaking.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant as always Rev
Reverend Frost said…
Cheers !
Anonymous said…
joyce harris is sinner strong saw her on you tube was song #1001 in dave marsh book greatest r&r singles "no way out"
iggy said…
Best and most entertainingly surprising mixes I've ever heard. Thanks so much!!!


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