Bobby Lee Trammel !

Easter, the principal festival of the Christian church year, celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his Crucifixion.
Now, let's celebrate the resurrection of Bobby Lee Trammell, who, in spite of his undeniable huge talent, never had a major hit record.

Working for the Ford Motor Company by day, Trammell played clubs by night and was signed to the Fabor label where he recorded his own song, the spirited "Shirley Lee". The record sold encouragingly and was released nationally. Ricky Nelson recorded the song as the opening track on his 1958's Lp, and wanted Trammell to write for him but, typically, Trammell couldn't be bothered.
Yep, for the historical book, our Bobby once went to Memphis but when Sun’s Sam Phillips told him that he should rehearse, Trammell became bored and moved to Los Angeles !

Performing, Trammell became excessively wild and would even strip off. The country music songwriter and promoter Tillman Franks, described him as "downright vulgar, ten times worse than Elvis". He never appeared at the Grand Ole Opry as he couldn't be trusted. Appearing with Jerry Lee Lewis, he sabotaged the star's piano and, performing in a bar, he'd leap on the counter and kick off the glasses.
In 1960 Trammell recorded "Woe, Woe Is Me", written by another wild man, Dorsey Burnette. When the radio station KFWB refused to play it, Burnette persuaded Trammell to climb the radio tower and sing it from the top. The police tried to talk him down and he dropped his guitar into their midst. Whether it was accidental or not, Trammell was fined $250.
He wrote and performed songs for the twist craze, notably "Arkansas Twist" (1962). During the mid-1960s, he grew his hair and billed himself as "The First American Beatle". He then made the relatively sane country-rock Love Isn't Love, including maudlin songs about his mother. A single, "New Dance In France", with a frantic vocal and a dubbed audience had a cult following during the punk era !
In 1984 Trammell performed on a rockabilly festival at Eindhoven, Holland. Wanting to outshine the other performers, he wore a Superman outfit but when he jumped on a piano, he lost his balance and broke his wrist !
By the way, outside of performing Trammell was a public-spirited man. He became a Democratic politician and was elected to the Arkansas House Of Representatives in 1997. His political friends asked him to perform but he thought it unwise as his other self might take over and ruin his new career !
People, here's the resurrection of someone who's only problem was being a little too wild !!!

Bobby Lee Trammell :
* Toolie Frollie *
* Woe, Woe Is Me *
* New Dance In France *


Scurvy said…
so HE wrote "New Dance in France" huh?
Anonymous said…
Wow! New Dance in France est un truc de ouf!!! De quoi faire danser toutes les gonzesses surexcitees jusqu'aux petites heures du mat, quoi! il devait etre un grand homme politique, ce monsieur Bobby Lee, gesticulant comme un fou avec son poignet caisse!

You know, it's shameful sometimes how much I Don't know! Too bad he's gone, I would have liked to meet this cat!!

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