Monday, April 20, 2009

Dee Clark !

It must be rain-ain-drops…
Fuck yeah, Dee Clark had a wonderfully impassioned tenor voice !
Clark made his first recording in 1952 as a member of the Hambone Kids, who scored an R&B hit with the song "Hambone." In 1953, he joined an R&B group called the Goldentones, who later became the Kool Gents and were discovered by Chicago radio DJ Herb Kent upon winning a talent competition. Kent got the Kool Gents signed to Vee-Jay record label, subsidiary Falcon/Abner.
Clark struggled to forge his own style, mimicking Clyde McPhatter on the follow-up "Seven Nights" and aping Little Richard on 1958's "Oh, Little Girl."(included here) Neither charted, but when Little Richard himself abruptly quit performing to enter Bible college, his booking agent hired Clark to fulfill his remaining live dates; he ultimately spent five months on the road with Richard's backing band the Upsetters, also enlisting the group for studio dates.
Anyway, Clark embarked on a solo career in 1957 and over the next four years landed several hits, including the major success (in 1962) "Raindrops ».
This plaintive offering, co-written by Clark and Phil Upchurch, eventually sold in excess of one million copies. Sadly, Clark was unable to repeat this feat, but continued on Chicago-based Constellation with a spate of moderate R&B hits, namely, "Crossfire Time" (1963), "Heartbreak" (1964), and "TCB" (1965). His career faded after Constellation went out of business in 1966.
Dee Clark suffered a heart attack and died on December 7, 1990, sadly at age 52.

Dee Clark :
* Oh Little Girl (With The Upsetters) *
* At My Front Door *
* Raindrops *


Blogger Mikel J said...

Delectus Clark!!! What a great voice & he made some fabulous records too. Your Raindrops was a nice bit rate. Other goodies by him: "Nobody But You", "Just Keep It Up" & "Hey Little Girl"... A Very rare talent & beware of re-cuts, they're all over the place. Look for the stuff on Vee-Jay.
Thanks For Post!
Mikel J

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeh ! thanks for posting !

11:13 PM  
Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Thanx !
Oh and what about "I'm a soldier boy"? Splendid !

7:24 PM  

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