Garnet Mimms !

Oooh Yeah.
I realised the other other day that a lotta folks didn’t know Garnet Mimms.
Remember, I’m here to spread the word after all.

Mr Mimms grew up in Philadelphia, where he sang in gospel groups such as the Evening Stars, the Harmonizing Four, and the group with which he would record his first record (in 1953), the Norfolk Four.
He returned to Philadelphia after serving in the military and formed doo-wop group The Gainors in 1958.
In 1961 Mimms left The Gainors to form a new group, Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters with Zola Pearnell and Charles Boyer.
The group moved to New York and began to work with successful songwriter/record producer Bert Berns.
Berns signed them to the United Artists label . Mimms and the Enchanters parted ways in 1964; the group to record separately with a new lead vocalist, while Mimms cut solo sides for UA steadily over the next few years.
Anyway, Garnet Mimms' pleading, gospel-derived intensity made him one of the earliest true soul singers !
Enjoy !

Garnet Mimms :
* A Little Bit Of Soap *
* Tell Me Baby *
* As Long As I Have You *


Reverend Frost said…
Advice : Never sing 'A Little Bit Of Soap' if you're in jail - ok sorry
Paul said…
Reverend Frost,

I recently discovered your great blog.

Thank you for spreading the word about Garnet Mimms. This is great stuff. I've heard the Detroit Cobras' version of "Long As I Have You," so it was cool to hear the original. And I really love the soap song.
affreuxthom said…
good choice
Tom, Dude, that was weird. I saw Garnett Mimms name and before I even saw a word you wrote, I said to myself, "Oh Yeah!" then I see it's the first thing you wrote. We sure think alike sometimes. It all looks and sounds great! You know everything else!
themusicologist said…
reverend...thanks for a great post and excellent forum...always amazed me that Garnett Mimms is relatively Garnett faves:
A Quiet Place
Tell Me Baby
Cry Baby

throwing down some soul myself this week with a six song tribute to Mr Soul..Sam Cooke
Garrincha said…
Ah, Garnett, an all-time favourite of mine ..!
Tom G. said…
You know what? Over the course of devouring the last three posts, I came to realize how much I had missed your regular web presence. Once again, louder: Welcome fucking back!
Reverend Frost said…
Tom, you're freakin' welcome !
Oh God, there's a thousand new bloody brilliant blogs like yours Paul, I'll try to update the blogroll asap !
>L'affreux, Garrincha, contents de vous revoir les soul brothers !
>Mr. D., you know we're classified in the 'oooh yeah' people ain't we !

'Morning Darkness !
Anonymous said…
f*#&in' incredible tunes. didn't know you had come back on line. glad you returned. we missed you.
Bwca said…
a little bit of soap will never wash away my tears ...
Reverend Frost said…
You're right, what a song !

Oh God, I feel like ol' Michael Myers.
No matter what...he has returned !!!
themusicologist said…
brother frost..

thanks for the blogroll itching to throw down some Garnett..
but I'll have to wait at least three weeks until i've finished the six/six/six

tell me, tell me baby...

love the intro on that fine piece of musicology

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