ALL ABOARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Folks, let’s start this year with some deep blues shall we !

He called himself Boy Blue, but his real name was Roland Hayes.
He played harmonica and delivered the blues with a powerful rasp!
The tune "Joe Lee's Rock" involved the misfortunes of his drummer, whose hard-drinking girlfriend evidently was a two-timer !

"Joe Lee's Rock" & the seminal reading of John Lee Hooker's "Boogie Chillen" are part of a treasure trove of recordings made in the Deep South (The American South, not the French South ^_^) by the legendary folk music collector Alan Lomax

So Boy Blue laid down "Joe Lee's Rock," a composition by his drummer, on Oct. 1, 1959 :

"By nine o'clock the stereo machine was sitting on the bar," Lomax recalled.
"Forrest City Joe and his two-piece orchestra, Boy Blue and his two accompanists, along with their girlfriends and other connoisseurs of the blues, were lapping up the liquor and the music. No New York technician would have approved of the acoustics. Between takes the place was a bedlam. . . . The crowd danced during all the playbacks."

Oh Yeah.

A Good start for 2008.

Boy Blue, Willie Jones, Joe Lee :
* Joe Lee's Rock *
* Boogie Children *

And, that goes without saying, thanks again.
Oh Yeah. Thanks.

And oh, I almost forgot.
I've recorded this one two weeks ago, on the 31th of December at...3am.
I just wanted to thank you.
Our neighbours didn't say thank though, I don't know why.

Rev. Tom Frost :
* Thank You *

Rev Frost (found on Google)


Anonymous said…
You're back alright!
Anonymous said…
awGod...I love you man.
daniel said…
La première bonne nouvelle de cette année. Le réverend est de retour
affreuxthom said…
yes, he's back in town !
Scurvy said…
Killer blues. Glad you are back, in the usual style!
Ted Barron said…
welcome back rev!
Scurvy said…
Ah! an adendum!

You're welcome.
svartlarsson said…
How MUCH have I missed you? Hooray!! for the MIGHTY return of the reverend. All is well now.
anne said…
Hooray and halelujah!!!

Life just ain't been the same with out you, sir.

All the bestest.
Reverend Frost said…
Ah ! I've missed you too !
erik hogstrom said…
Great to have you back!
Love the photo of Santo, too.
Anonymous said…
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