ARGH 2 !!!!



Yup, your host ain't dead yet, as always, I'm still waiting for internet !
(new song : "IIIII Wait for interneeeeeet")

I hope you're all doing good, I'm doing fine out there in the cold, got a lotta presents for you..... please stand by !!!!

I wish you all the best for this brand new funkin' year !

Cheers & See you soon !


happy new year Reverend! All the best for 2008!
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year. Viva The Reverend!!
fhb said…
Even a "Argh" is better than silence. Hurry back, Rev.
Philippe said…
Bonne année Révérend !
L said…
yeah new year, mr. frost. for as long as it takes, we'll be here in the musical darkness waiting for your light.
byron said…
All the Best Rev !
Scurvy said…
It's great to hear from you again Rev! Happy New Year to you too. Best to you 'n the missus. Later.
So said…
welcome back from the cult2vader!!!
mrtickles said…
This is the best greeting I've read this year. ARGH back at you; glad you're still around.
Anonymous said…

boy have you been missed

the dalmatio( every day since Thursday, August 23, 2007 we have looked for a sign that you may return)
zillagord said…
Oh My (can I say this to a Reverend?) Gawd....
Incredible. I thought of removing your feed many times but just kept hoping you would return. Wow. The new year is kicking ass already.
Good to see you again and to know you are still rockin'! Looking forward to seeing more.
Testify said…
A new post! Glad you're ok. Come back ASAP.
billyclex said…
Hey Rev, great to hear your coming back.

That is a great way to start 2008
Damn boy, I'm about ready to send a search party out after you! YeeHawww!!!
AG said…
An ARGH! we couldn't be happier to hear. Your flock misses you bad, Rev. -- take care and hurry back.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year to you, brother,
or should we call you:
'He Who Walks Among The Nonliners'?
Knew you would make it.
take care, you're almost there...

Kenny Lust
LilDeen said…
et ce serait possible de combler une lectrice assidue qui essaie vainement de se procurer la plupart des chansons de cette somptueuse tracklist ?
great god a'mighty and holy hellzapoppin'! We miss you, parson Frost. Here's hopin' to a new New Year and the return of your Holiness. Be well, Reverend Frost. We'll wait for you.
Lee Hartsfeld said…
Rev, wonderful to get a follow-up post at last--what a relief. That, plus a promise that you'll return in full. Hallelujah!

Happy 2008.
C. said…
happy New Year, Tom. Hope all's well.

Bubba St. John said…
I hope 2008 is kinder to you and your's than the last year! Good to hear from you!
Brilliant to see you back on line even if it's just a message.
Happy new year Rev !
The Rock & Roll Doc
Spunky Onions Boy !
monkey-man said…
I am so glad, i could cry!
Bless you!

Wish you all the best...

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