Friday, October 06, 2006

Willie Mabon !

The sly, insinuating vocals and chunky piano style of Willie Mabon won the heart of many an R&B fan during the early '50s. Mabon was already well-grounded in blues tradition from his Memphis upbringing when he hit Chicago in 1942.
Schooled in jazz as well as blues, Mabon found the latter his ticket to stardom. His first sides were a 1949 78 for Apollo as Big Willie and some 1950 outings for Aristocrat and Chess (including here) with guitarist Earl Dranes as the Blues Rockers.
Mabon sat out much of the late '60s but came back strong after moving to Paris in 1972, recording and touring Europe prolifically until his death.
A complete bio here

Willie Mabon - I'm mad
Willie Mabon - Got To have It

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Anonymous Rockin'andRollin' said...

I have a willie song mabon that intitled itself “I'm mad” but this is different version from yours ...and it does not seem another version, but a different song it seems “the got to woman”, do you know?

1:47 PM  
Blogger Reverend Frost said...

hello ! sorry, I don't know the song you're talking about :) But of course, you cand send it to me !
Cheers !

2:27 PM  
Blogger Dr. Mark said...

Lovin' your blog and the images. Were you aware this Wille Mabon song was used in a c.1970s cartoon with a big monster playing piano and singing, "I'm Mad"? They used to show it on HBO as a short subject in the 80s. I'd love to see it again... Dr. Mark

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