Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lightnin' Slim !

He was born with the unglamorous handle of Otis Hicks in St. Louis, Missouri on March 13, 1913. Taught guitar by his older brother Layfield, Lightnin' Slim was playing bars in Baton Rouge by the late 1940s. He recorded for Excello Records for 12 years, starting in the mid 1950s. Slim often collaborated with his brother in law, Slim Harpo.He’s the perfect blues raconteur, even when reshaping other's material to his dark, somber style. He also possessed one of the truly great voices of the blues; His exhortation to "blow your harmonica, son" has become one of the great, mournful catchphrases of the blues, and even on his most rockin' numbers, as Cub Koda once wrote, Lightnin' always sounded like bad luck just moved into his home approximately an hour after his mother-in-law died.

Lightnin' Slim - I'm Evil
Lightnin' Slim - Mean Ol' Lonesome Train
Lightnin' Slim - Bad Luck

Well, see you next week for you-know-what part 8 !


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splendid, thanks!

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