Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Avantis !

Everyone enjoyed the boohahaha mix part 6 ?
It's gonna be worse next week !

Ok, in 1963, brothers Pat Vegas and Lolly Vasquez (aka Vegas) released these two surf classics, as The Avantis. These two siblings where also members of ‘The Routers’, ‘The Mar-Kets’, ‘The Darts’, ‘The De-Fenders’ and ‘The Deuce Coupes’.
Not content with being in every decent surf band that was around at the time, they went on to form ‘Redbone’ and had a massive International hit with ‘The Witch Queen of New Orleans’ !

The Avantis - Phantom Surfer
The Avantis - Wax 'em Down


Blogger Chris Oliver said...

O Mighty Reverand Frost! On account of the bandwidth problem of last month, is there any chance that you might refresh the Jack Starr mp3s for those of us that were too slow on the draw? Or at least "Godzilla We Love You?"

As always, Spread the Good Word rocks the web!

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Jess said...

Hey Rev' those 2 tracks are absolutely brilliant!!! Thanks & Surf up!

4:14 PM  
Blogger Reggaexx said...

Phantom Surfer will definitely be making an appearance on another Halloween mix I've got in the works - thanks!

3:55 AM  
Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Thanx my dears !
Chris, Godzilla is up now.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous mrtickles said...

Sometimes I get to thinking that there just can't be any bad surf music! Then I remember certain episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies.

2:39 AM  

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