Friday, November 04, 2005

Jimmy Ford !

Something fresh to end this « post-halloween-week-blues », here’s a splendid broken hearted song by Jimmy Ford released in 1959 and its excellent b-side !

Jimmy Ford - Don't Hang Around Me Anymore

Jimmy Ford - You're Gonna Be Sorry

The Return Of The Legendary Friday Bonus !

The Rock-A-Bouts - She's A Fat Girl
Dedicated to my neighbour

See you on monday folks !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rev,
Your site is AWESOME!!!!! I was wonderin' if you might post the tunes on your radio blog. Mike

8:59 AM  
Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Cheers Mike, you're right, I really have to update the radio, the songs are the same for the last 4 months I think !

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rev, No those tunes are great and I was wondering if you could post them as mp3s. Mike

9:49 PM  
Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Some of them were already posted, the rest is coming, or not ^^
(send me an email if you're looking for something though)

10:08 PM  
Blogger IanB said...

Just to say thanks for linking my 'other' blog, 2 Minutes of Bliss' very much appreciated !
Rock on Rev !!

2:54 AM  
Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

truly bizarre sleeve art. bravo.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Country Paul said...

Hi, Rev,

Just discovered your site! I didn't know Jimmy Ford had another record. Unfortunately, as of 8/21/08 the link is broken. Two favors, please (1) Could you send me mp3s of this or links to where I might find it, please? (20 Do you have Ford's "Be Mind Forever," the flip of "We Belong Together," also on Stylo? I haven't heard it in years, and I remember it as a beautiful ballad. Please write me off-list (post it as well, of course!):

Many thanks in advance!

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Dory Ford said...

Hey Rev,
I'm Jimmy Ford's daughter and I have to say thank you for honoring my dad. I love music because of him and growing up listening to his songs (I know, I'm really lucky). Thanks again!

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rev!
Happy holidaze. My name is Beau Ford, I'm Jimmy's son. I was looking through your site and I wondered, how the heck did you come across Daddy's material? What a great memorial for him. He passed away this thanksgiving, fyi. Also, I will try to honor's request if you haven't already. Let me know @
keep up the good work

6:23 PM  

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