Tuesday, November 15, 2005

High Noon !

I’m not really into modern or neo-rockabilly but I really dig this Texas Rockabilly Trio, High Noon !
Comprising of Shaun Young (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Sean Mencher (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Kevin Smith (Upright Bass/Vocals), these cats provide a splendid 1950s style Rockabilly (performed to perfection believe me).
Ok Follow me for I am the light, the homepage’s here, the records are here and here.

High Noon - Glory Bound

High Noon - Crazy Fever


Anonymous Vaughn said...

I used to live in Austin in the mid-90's and I was fortunate enough to see Kevin Smith in various pick-up bands around town. For my money he was the best upright bass player in town then.
Thanks for the tunes.

2:33 PM  
Blogger protogenes said...

Don't be forgetting old Ray Condo now

4:07 PM  
Anonymous kopper said...

Hey Reverend Frost! Email me! kopper at garagepunk dot com...


10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, good stuff. I play in a (couple) rockabilly bands here in Dallas, and this is one of just a handful of new bands I enjoy.

We do Glory Bound, too. Tough song!

P.S. Vaughn, don't forget old Jake Erwin on upright. Best Texas bassist for my money!

4:59 AM  

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