Friday, November 25, 2005

Chased Old Satan Through the Door !

In 1931, at the height of the depression (the american depression, I didn’t mean depeche mode), The Woodie Brothers only sold 864 copies of Their record, but they knew their reward lay in the future: "Now I ran ole Satan Though door/And I´m gonna wear that starry crown over there."
In the spring of 1931, Lawton Woodie heard that Victor was holding sessions in Charlotte, North Carolina, and wrote the company to arrange a recording date. On May 29th, the Woodie Brothers (Lawton & Ephraim) arrived in Charlotte with two songs they had written especially for the occasion. Likes Likker Better than Me, the lament of a whiskey drinker's wife, featured Ephraim's mountain tenor complemented by his brother's rich bass harmonies. Their second selection was called Chased Old Satan Through the Door, a composite that borrowed motifs from several songs, including Satan's A Liar and Shortnin' Bread. Like most musicians from the ‘Lost Provinces’, the Woodies never made music a full time pursuit.
Can I get a yeeeha ?

Woodie Bros - Chased Old Satan Through The Door
Woodie Bros - Likes Likker Better Than Me


Freddy Countryman - The Raven

See you next week !


Anonymous bbb said...

belle semaine rev'
et puis c'est bien joli les woodies

11:00 AM  
Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Rah merci

6:50 PM  

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