L.J. Thomas & His Louisiana Playboys !

Remember Lafayette « Thing » Thomas ? You don’t ? You don’t learn your lessons or what ? You didn’t do The Walk in the 1st of April ? Well, gather ‘round my friends.

This is the first recording LafayetteThomas made while on tour with McCracklin: "Baby Take A Chance With Me/Sam’s Drag", was recorded in Memphis in 1951 for Sam Phillips and was issued on Chess Records under the name of L.J. Thomas And His Louisiana Playboys.

L.J. Thomas & His Louisiana Playboys - Baby Take A Chance With Me

L.J. Thomas & His Louisiana Playboys - Sam's Drag


bbb said…
merrrrrrrci beaucoup Reverend
IanB said…
Nice one Rev !!

IanB @ RetroBabe! [not to
mention '2 minutes of Bliss!']
Tuwa said…
rock on.

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