Tennessee Ernie Ford !

Yeeeha again !
(This one's for all the freaks who begged me to post 'The Wild Goose' after the last western mix !)

The booming baritone voice of Tennessee Ernie Ford was best known for his 1955 cover of Merle Travis' grim coal-mining song "Sixteen Tons," watered down by the dulcet strains of a Hollywood studio orchestra but retaining its innate seriousness thanks to the sheer power of Ford's singing. But there was more to Tennessee Ernie Ford than that. Over his long career, Ford sang everything from proto-rock & roll to gospel, recorded over 100 albums, and earned numerous honors and awards.
He was signed to Capitol Records in 1948. Five singles had been released by late 1949, including "Smokey Mountain Boogie" (Top Ten).
Both Western songs and boogie-flavored numbers that in their energy and sexual suggestiveness were really rock & roll in all but name, Ford's recordings featured the fabulous instrumental talents of Travis on guitar and Speedy West on pedal steel.
Ford joined the ranks of the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1990, a year before he died of liver failure.

Tennessee Ernie Ford :
* The Cry Of The Wild Goose *
* Smokey Mountain Boogie *
* Sixteen Tons *



svartlarsson said…
thank you, sir!!
Chris Oliver said…
Lex Zep should have covered Cry of the Wild Goose. Would've been perfect for them.
Reverend Frost said…
Damn right Chris !
erik hogstrom said…
Awesome stuff. Thanks Rev!
dan said…
"Smokey Mountain Boogie" is an amazing tune. I wonder who penned it, and what year it's from.
Reverend Frost said…
1949, written by Ford himself Dan !
b said…
The only place I've encountered Mr Ford is in really bad quality VHS copies of The Lucy Show and I Love Lucy on a bad TV signal :p so I've never heard him sing in high quality. Really diggin' it. Thanks!

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