Thursday, March 20, 2008

Smokey Hogg !

Andrew 'Smokey' Hogg performed and recorded original American blues for twenty years, but never really got through to the audience that many other blues musicians were rewarded with.
His "old school" Texas based blues tunes however must have made an impression on listeners and blues fans because of the wide exposure his music received and the great number of labels that recorded his work.
Between 1947 and 1958 Smokey Hogg recorded several times a year, and cut several hundred sides, not only for Combo and Modern Records, but also for Blue Bonnet, Specialty, Exclusive, Imperial (on two occasions, several years apart), Top Hat, Recorded In Hollywood, Macy's, Sittin' In With, Federal, Ray's, Show Time, Ebb and Mercury. For someone who's spent most of the past 20 years being chiefly remembered as the unsuspecting victim of relentless lampooning, that's an awful lot of labels willing to take a chance on an alleged no-talent !
He continued to work and record until the end of the 50s and died in 1960.

Smokey Hogg :
* Born On The 13th *
* Good Mornin' Baby *
* I Ain't Gonna Put You Down *


Anonymous music lover said...

Still lisnin' & learnin' about the music !

Thank you.

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My pleasure !

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Hi, nice music blog. do check mine too =) dave

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