Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Challengers !

When Richard Delvecchio (who adopted the stage name, Richard Delvy) left The Belairs (see last month) to form a new band, he brought only Jim Roberts (keyboards) with him, and recruited Randy Nauert (bass guitar). For guitar, Glenn Grey was brought in for lead and Don Landis for rhythm, With Nick Hefner on Saxophone,and yes, they became…
The Challengers !
They played at high school and local dances and such, and eventually earned enough to rent a jazz studio, World Pacific, to record. Nick Hefner played on only one track. In about three and a half hours, they had an album. Just months earlier, The Beach Boys' released a vocal single, "Surfing Safari" and some months after the Challenger's "Surfbeat" release, Dick Dale's first album was released…
As always, when it comes to Surf Music, aloha and big up to Phil Dirt at Reverb Central !

The Challengers :
* Lanky Bones *
* Sidewalk Surfer *
* Cruel Sea *


Anonymous Sue said...


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Blogger Scurvy said...

Man, I love surf. Thanx.

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Anonymous mrtickles said...

OK, I'm finally getting around to hearing these. Great stuff, thanks again!

8:04 PM  
Blogger Zer0_II said...

Greetings. I was considering adding your blog to my music blogroll/directory @
However, I was unsure which category to add your blog under. I'm trying to limit the amount of blogs I add to the Various/Eclectic category, so if you would like to be listed, please leave a comment back on my blog and let me know. Thanks for all the great music and your hard work. Take care.


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