Kip Tyler !

There's suave, ultra-suave and even, as the Legendary Stardust Cowboy would tell ya, psycho-suave, but the drawling, lazy-as-hell vocal and the mean'n'evil descending guitar line on Kip Tyler's LA hipster masterpiece pretty much out-suaves everybody.
And Sandy ‘Casbah’ Nelson was on drums...

Kip Tyler:
* She's My Witch *
(this ones for Missus Frost of course)
* Rumble Rock *

I'm taking the week off folks.
Have a good one.


Scurvy said…
Take care Mr. Frost. Thanks for the swell tunes. ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi I´m from Sto. André São Paulo Brazil. Please re-post The Vagrants , please. Muito Obrigado - Thank Your blog is fantastic. Excuses my poor English. Long Live To Rock And Roll - Longa Vida Ao Rock And Rool ALicio Brazil
jon said…
Great tunes Rev! Where did you get that pic of Michael Jackson?
Have a good break.
Anonymous said…
Rev. Tom, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR BLOG, and your pumped-up-trashy-gospel-foot-stompin' music, its still a blast! Any idea when we can expect the next cd?
music lover said…
Very nice tunes indeed!
Johan said…
Any chance of getting the all the Buttshakers podcasts up again? For all us Reverend Frost Completeists.
Reverend Frost said…
Scurvy! Anonymous from Sao Paulo !
Jon! Anonymous from anonymous city!
Music Lover! Johan ! THANKS !!!
If you want some repost or anything, send me an email, I forget what I have to repost all the time...

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