A Bloody Zombie Mix, Part 2 !!!

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

Run for your liiiife,
it's a bloody zombie mix, part 2 !!!!

Rev. Frost Presents A Bloody Zombie Mix Part 2 (59 :59)

1. Intro/ The Treasures - Minor Chaos
2. Corporate Image - Not Fade Away
3. Doc & Harvey - Oh Baby
4. The Who – Run Run Run
5. The Tradewinds - Aba Daba Do Dance
6. Ronnie Self – Petrified
7. The Music Machine – Wrong
8. The Boys – Cobra
9. Andre Williams - Is It True
10. Lincoln Trio - Shakedown
11. Spencer Wiggins - Lonely Man
12. The Sonics - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
13. Johnnie Ray - Such A Night
14. David Ray - Lonesome Baby Blues
15. Nanine - Souie Baby Souie
16. Dave Edmunds & Love Sculpture - Farandole
17. Lou Lawton - Knick Knack Patty Wack
18. The Kee-Notes - St. James Infirmary
19. The Trumpeteers - I'll Fly Away
20. Bert Kaempfert - A Swingin' Safari
21. Hermanos Guzanos - Empty People
22. Outro / Turner Junior Johnson - When I Lay My Burden Down


This one's dedicated to y'all !!! (easy uh)


Destroy-aLL-Monsters said…
Taste the Zombie Drug...
Now you Want MORE !!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
hooorah-hooray-woopie,thank u,cannot wait to listen 2.00am,be ther or be square
woof woof -the dalmatian
sam said…
mad and gifted ;-)
Scurvy said…
They're coming to get you Reverend!

Thank you sir.
Reverend Frost said…
Braiiiiiiin. I mean thanks.
Mike, it's not 'Be there or be dead'?
The DoorKeeper said…

I love the Sonics track, and David Ray is kickin out right now, Wicked!
Anonymous said…
sorry rev
i get so carried away when i see a mew mix,i don't know wait im saying
woof woof(the dalmatian)
Mr Blister said…
Scurvy said…
After a few listenings I gots to say you have outdone the original with this one. (the orig. is one of my faves) There's some good stuff on here. It's always the oddest songs that get stuck in my head. "Souie Baby Souie" is the one form this. Love it!

When I come back as a zombie, I think I will walk around saying 'beeeeeeeer' tho.
Lee Kitch said…
Thanx for sneakin' in the HG's. Hope it doesn't scare off any of the zombie lovers! It must be Mai-Time!
Anonymous said…
with some mushroom it's uncanny!
boudsat, france
Anonymous said…
heard this: http://soundcloud.com/gavincastleton/since-1968-overclock-orchestra-remix

or better yet, this: http://www.gavincastleton.com/#listen


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