Barstool Mountain !

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Young Rev. (in a good shape) lost in Ireland


Anonymous said…
cheers !
(this pic is brilliant ;)
GoAwayPlease said…
Greetings Dear Revered - I just read this Bobby 'Boris' Pickett obit in The Guardian online; forgive me if you have already discussed it here, as I Don't Get Around Much Anymore " ...In later years, Pickett became involved with environmental causes, in support of which he wrote and recorded two new versions of his song: Monster Slash was a protest against government plans to approve commercial exploitation of federal forests, and the Climate Mash was a contribution to the fight against global warming. That song was downloaded almost 500,000 times during Halloween 2005. An autobiography, Monster Mash, Half-Dead in Hollywood, was published two years ago.

His final public appearance took place in November last year. He is survived by his daughter Nancy, his sister Lynda and two grandchildren.

· Robert George Pickett, singer and songwriter, born February 11 1938; died April 25 2007
shucks, reverend, thanks. we'll try to live up to the hype.
Reverend Frost said…
Thank you Brownie, I didn't know that part of his life, I love him more now.

Brian, you're,hiccups,welcome
Scurvy said…
Didn't know Pickett died. :(

Tell ya who else died back in February was the great Frankie Laine.

El Diablo was the fucking bomb!!
Reverend Frost said…
Shit, no one mentionned it around here !!
ah crap.
It was one of my early posts. said…
Great pics, you are always giving so many new concepts and I hope it will continue in the future.

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