Friday, January 27, 2006

Vern Pullens !

Working as a bricklayer, Vern Pullens could only record at weekends with the result that on 27th September 1956, 'Bop Crazy Baby' was laid down at the KTRH studio in Houston.
Today, this is justifiably regarded as one of the all time great rockabilly recordings !
Ain’t you glad to know that ?
Are you, are you ?

Vern Pullens - Bop Crazy Baby
Vern Pullens - It's My Life
Vern Pullens - Mama Don't Allow No Boppin'


Ralph Marterie - Shish-Kebab
Thanks Michael !

weekend good you have, monday see you.
Me french, no hablo english.


Anonymous Kenny Lust said...

Good boppin' to you to,
Father Frost...

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Vaughn said...

Once again, thank you for the sonic education. You truly enrich my Rock n' Rollness! (?)

4:04 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

Many thanks for the erudition you so willingly share.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Nick said...

Do you know if Vern was related to Leroy "I'm A Nut" Pullens?

3:36 PM  
Anonymous jason dixon said...

i am vern pullens grandson anybody wanting to know any info write me at

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any info on Vern pullens including original vinyl records please send a email to

7:44 AM  

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