Papa Loves Mambo !

Johnnie Ray was born on January 10, 1927 in Dallas, Oregon. He was partially deaf since childhood and began wearing a hearing aid at age 14. In 1951 singer LaVern Baker and her manager Al Green helped him with his music. He signed a contract with Okeh that year.
Few years later, Johnnie Ray had become a very popular singer, and it wasn't long before he was signed to a movie contract. Although he faded from popularity in the United States in the late 50's, he continued to be popular in the UK. The power and clarity in his voice insured him a legion of fans. He toured Australia many times, and had more performances there than any other American performer.
In later years Johnnie Ray had liver problems and died of liver failure in February of 1990.
Bartender, gimme another drink.

Johnnie Ray - Papa Loves Mambo

Johnnie Ray - Such A Night

Johnnie Ray - Up Above My Head (With Frankie Laine)


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