Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 14) !!!

Yep, that’s a cry from the heart !

Boys & Girls, this is the last mix of our bloody halloween hootenanny
– for this year !

First of all, I would like to tell you HOW MUCH I did enjoy making, chewing & spitting those monsters out, and I really hope you felt the same just as much as I did !!!
(Frankly, reading those comments again makes me think that you’re all as mad as me)

Anyway, thanks again for your time, thanks a freakin’ bunch for all the sites/blogs who did put a link for these, hope you’re all gonna scare the shit out of your neighbours/ex-wives-husbands/boss/ well, you know, people you frankly like.

So Have yourself a scary little Halloween, hope those mixes helped a bit – and, that goes without saying but, yeah thanks to all the artists included in the mixes, every crazy songs, every demented movies in the universe, thanks thanks thanks !!!!!


Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 14 ! (65 :31)
aka : La 2009 Grande Finale Mix - via Rapidshare
Tracklist :
01. Ghoulardi Intro / Los Straightjackets – Rockula
02. Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords – Frenzy
03. Billy De Marco & Count Dracula - Drac's Back
04. Screaming Lord Sutch - Murder In The Graveyard
05. Al Hirt - The King Kong Theme
06. The Keytones - I Was A Teenage Monster
07. Bill Riley - Nightmare Mash
08. Lord Dent & His Invaders - Wolf Call
09. The Phantom Surfers - Horror Beach
10. The Wildtones - The Martian Band
11. Sharkey Todd And His Monsters - The Cool Gool
12. The Abstracts – Nightmare
13. Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers - Graveyard Rock
14. Yuji Koseki - The Birth Of Mothra
15. Mad Mike And The Maniacs - The Hunch
16. Man Or Astroman - Invasion Of The Dragonmen
17. Batmobile - Amazons From Outer Space
18. Matt Gonella & His Georgians - Skeleton In The Closet
19. Milton DeLugg & The Vampires - The Chase



Fred said…
Reverend Frost said…
hahaha that was quick ! Cheers !
sue said…
thanks a lot dear Rev - it's been a fantastic month
Mike said…
thanks for the hard work man, the last mix is awesome.
Anonymous said…
great stuff i will go and dig up my best bone for you
eating at 2.00am

thank rev
regards spotty
Anonymous said…
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !
Watcha Rev
Your sites horrific, respect!
Great mixes

I'm posting my own weirdo rock'n'roll here


Last show is inspired by the monsters from Hammer Horror films, "everbody loves a spooky movie"!
Keep it Kreepy
Mr A The Barber
Reverend Frost said…
Mr Aaaa The Baaaarber !
Thanks !

(Where the hell have you been, your blog's splendid !!!)
Reverend Frost said…
Whoops, forget the others :
(a special mention mad dog spotty)
surfbeat99 said…
you rock.
brewster said…
you deserve a medal
Mark P said…
The best batch yet! Thanks.
One Room Radio said…
Amazing Amazing Amazing

Thank you, the best yet

Healthy Helloween son, We would not exist if not for you, and only you know it's true!! Belated Happy Birthday too!!!!
Thanks for checking out my blog, glad you liked it, my new show's just be been posted.

HALLOWEEN, Trick or Treat?

More themed trash to follow
Keep it weird
Mr A The Barber
Reverend Frost said…
Cheers my fiends !!!! Cheers Father !
poison ivy said…
You're my hero! I never read blogs but you're taste in music here is impeccable. Keep it up.
I can only echo what's been said already--thanks for great mixes and all the hard work you do. You made October rock!
Reverend Frost said…
I'm gonna echo meself too here:


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