Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen !!! (Part 11)


Welcome back boys and ghouls to the legendary frosty’s halloween hootenanny !!!
Fuck, 3 years without a single bloody halloween mix…I’m quite ashamed to be honest !
But hey, what the heck, who cares, let’s start the hostilities with a brand new bloody bloody bloody mix, a strange result of whiskey, dvds, videos, cds, tapes and vinyls (not to forgot the infamous 10-cigarettes-per-mix).

And who’s mad (or stupid) enough to write, play and record a new track especially for a-mix-on-a-blog-on-the-internet-for-yer-listening-‘pleasure’ ? His Frostiness of course !!!
Yep, enjoy ‘Night Of The Frost’ my ghouls !

The deal’s the same this very year of 2029 – 2009 sorry –
1 mix a week

So be ready, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the horrible ride !


Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 11 ! (54 :45)
aka - The Return-Of-The-Vengeance-Of-The-Return-Of-The-Mix
(via rapidshare)
01. Intro
02. Rev Tom Frost – Night Of The Frost !
03. Hasil Adkins - Haunted House
04. Rod Willis - The Cat
05. Guz - The Munsters
06. Screamin' Lord Sutch - Black And Hairy
07. Bart Lewis – Frankenstein
08. Masaru Sato - Godzilla vs. Kumonga (Son Of Godzilla)
09. The Three D's - Graveyard Cha Cha
10. The Mummies - The Fly
11. Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos - Hearse With A Curse
12. The Creatures (Conried, Pearce, Stein) - The Purple People Eater
13. Hugo Montenegro - In The Hall Of The Mountain King
14. New Mayfair Dance Orchestra - The Haunted House
15. Satan's Pilgrims – Vampiro
16. Bob Ridgely - The Way Out Mummy
17. The Couplings – Egor
18. Lee Kristoferson - Night Of The Werewolf
19. Ron Haydock – Halloween
20. Stanley Holloway - Sweeney Todd The Barber


'Believe me boys, I'm proud of those mixes !'


Anonymous said…
thanks rev
just had a full moon
i will give you one of my best
hooooooooooooooooooowls and woooofs
dining tonight at 02:00 am as usual
this should wake the car park up

regards spotty(aka dalmatian)
Reverend Frost said…
Like a woooooolf among the lambs !
sue said…
Rev, I can't tell how much I TRULY thank you for this ! Your halloween mixes always been my fav, and this one keeps its promises !!!
and thanks for your own FANTASTIC track - it's sooo good to have someone as mad as you out there !!!!!
Anonymous said…
What more can the living want! A Bloody Mix and Flying Saucer RnR back. Thanks most reverend one.
Johnny Yūrei (Liverpool)
C. said…
Tom, I've been hoping for a new Halloween mix this year! Looks great.

Reverend Frost said…
Hey Hey ! Thank YOU !
Reggaexx said…
Hell yeah Reverend! Can't wait to give it a listen... it's been too long!
mike said…
Anonymous said…
frankly rev' you should get a grammy award for the best unusual track this year...
Reverend Frost said…
Shane Of The Dead said…
OOOOh MAMA! I'm takin' my abnormal brain outta it's jar for this one!
Reverend Frost said…
Oï Shane, but Big Al says dogs can't look up!
Scott said…
thank you so much. it's great you are back with the mixes!

your mixes are a tradition here since '07!
Anonymous said…
Rev, just when I had given up on ever hearing any new Halloween music, you unleash Night of the Frost! A masterpiece! And another outstanding Bloody Mix! Now I can get into the Halloween spirit! Thank you!
JOHN said…
swingingjudy said…
honestly my dear, it's fucking good to see you back on yer feet again.
Funny, this mix's filled with vengeance...you know what I mean.
Reverend Frost said…
Home? I have no home.
Hunted, despised, living like an animal! The jungle is my home.
But I will show the world that I can be its master! I will perfect my own race of people. A race of atomic supermen which will conquer the world! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Hold on Hold on, that's a Bela Lugosi quote ^^

Hey ! The whole crew's back !!!!!
Thanks thanks thanks !
elephantsoundz said…
fine mix rev! thanx a lot...check out my blog (I linked your site on this)http://www.lockitdown.blogspot.com/
and link me back if you feel like.....
Surf Sluts (York) said…
Awesome sounds - a million thx Rev. I know how long these things take to do!! You deserve a (very!) bloody medal!
Anonymous said…
thanks for the mix!
I watch you....from Granada
Azathoth said…
Spot on awesome as usual Rev!

I love Night Of The Frost and that Sweeney Todd song was one of the most amusing of those I've heard.
Reverend Frost said…
Thanks again y'all!

C'mon, All together :

"Sweeney Todd the Baaarber,
by God he were better than the play,
Sweeney Todd the Baaarber,
I'll polish 'em off he used to say"
Anne said…
You are the GREATEST!!
Reverend Frost said…
Thanks Anne, I'm not that tall though.
Anonymous said…
great mix, great fun !!!!!!
thank you !

Anonymous said…
I didn't think you could top your previous mixes, but this is superb! I have it on high-rotate as I just love it!!
Cheers, Rev.
Anonymous said…
Many thanks for sharing your work. I've been a Halloween/horror guy for more years than I care to mention, but I have to tell you that busting out your mixes at Halloween time has become an absolute tradition in this household. It just wouldn't seem like Halloween without them now. Also, Night of the Frost is a terrific tune...well done and thanks again!
Reverend Frost said…
Cheers !
Pierre said…
Hot damn! The Bloody Bloody Bloody Mixes are back!!

I just Frost-gasm'd
Anonymous said…
Sweeeeeeeney Todd The Baaaaarber !
Thank you boss ! ;)
Louiville Dan said…
I've been listening to vols. 1-10 since you last posted them. Great to have some fresh tasty treats.
Thanks and Happy Halloween! Well done Rev.

Louisville Dan
Reverend Frost said…
My pleasure ! Cheers Dan !

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