Friday, July 14, 2006

Buster Brown !

A Georgia native, Buster Brown ((1911-1976)) was a harmonica player who never made a recording until his late forties when he arrived in New York City in 1959 to record his one and only true hit, the classic Fanny Mae. He had a number of smaller hits in the early 60s before sinking into obscurity.

Buster Brown - Fannie Mae
Buster Brown - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)
Buster Brown - Sugar Babe


Have a good weekend !


Anonymous beetlebreech said...

Great tunes, go Buster!
Thanks Rev

11:53 AM  
Blogger Todd Lucas said...

"Sugar Babe" is my personal favorite Buster Brown tune. Other favorites include "The Madison Shuffle" and "Raise A Ruckus Tonight".

7:37 PM  
Blogger The DoorKeeper said...

Yah! Raise A Ruckus is a fave here too. That's a great vid, Rev. Nice find.

12:30 AM  
Blogger acoustiss said...

'Is you is or is you ain't...' is a wonderful. Never come across Buster Brown before so thanks.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! I can't believe that one of my all-time favorite early Rolling Stones songs, The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man, turns out to be a total ripoff of Fannie Mae (musically, though not lyrically). Listen to this! Thanks for disillusioning me, man.

3:09 AM  
Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Gee, I haven't heard this one for ages, but it's obvious, same riff...thieves! :)
thanx everyone !

10:44 AM  

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