Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I Can't Find The Door Knob !

If Jimmy Lee Fautheree is remembered for nothing else, it'll be the alcoholic anthem he cut as one half of Jimmy & Johnny for Houston's D Records in 1958, the unbelievably brilliant "I Can't Find The Door Knob." The song is so perfect in its hillbilly rock 'n' roll stupidity as to simply boggle the mind. An excellent guitarist with a style similar to that of Merle Travis, Fautheree began playing at Dallas's Big D Jamboree at the age of sixteen before heading to the Louisiana Hayride in early '51.
Jimmy & Johnny recorded for Chess, Decca, D, Feature, and Republic (the original duo was Jimmy Lee Fautheree and Johnny "Country" Mathis, followed by Lee with his brother Lynn Fautheree and Wayne Walker after Mathis left.)
(Jimmy and Johnny's lone hit, and their handful of rockabilly classics like "Sweet Love on My Mind" and "I Can't Find the Doorknob" have surfaced on compilations.)
Aaaa, Jimmy & Johnny, this hillbilly duo that straddled rock and roll in the mid-'50s !

Jimmy & Johnny - I Can't Find The Door Knob

Jimmy & Johnny - Sweet Love On My Mind


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Would you please post this CD in its entireity for me! I have it on my IPOD but no longer have the copy I put it on with!
Thank you

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